Click Here If You're the Next Einstein! Future Billionaires only!

2012-11-20 20:10:59 by Acoustatic

How smart you are! Truly, your wisdom knows no bounds and your potential is absolutely limitless. You scored all A's through grade school and you're doing well in High School, you say? Incredible! You are such a bright star and a beautiful mind. Surely, someday soon you are going to change the world with all of that potential that you have locked away in your mind. You are so special and brilliant, you really are the smartest person in your grade, maybe even the whole school! You already understand physics, andpsychology?! And you scored in the top %90+ on your SATs!?!?!?!? Look out Microsoft, we've got a fresh new face that's just itching to leave his or her mark on the human race and change history forever!

Go ahead! Head on outside! Change the world! After all, with potential like yours fame is only a few moments away. Go ahead, I assure you; just stand outside in your nicest suit, spread your arms open wide, and soon enough you will be carried away by your various adoring fans/lovers and they will take you to a world where your genius can be truly appreciated. How smart you are!


No, no...actually don't do any of that. Go outside and dance. Learn how to do handstands and somersaults, maybe cartwheels, and do them whenever you have the chance. Exercise often, eat a healthy diet, study a wide variety of topics, keep good company, and work hard. Then you will be happy. Happiness will not come to you if you sit and bask in your own splendor and grandeur. Failure and sadness will come to you. Do not live for fame or glory, live for life. And live well, at that.


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2012-11-20 20:20:27

Hello. I have all of these things, and I am a very successful high school student. However, I am very quiet about it. I am a person that hates bragging, and I prefer to work in the shadows under an alias, like "Remorph" or "Spire".

Acoustatic responds:

Hello! I'm happy to hear that you're doing well grade-wise and etc, and that you are also fairly humble about it. You may want to embrace some of the more out-going advice in my post, however, if the humbleness seems to often express itself as shyness or meekness :P

This post was directed (sarcastically) towards teenagers who are of above-average intelligence and who naively believe that they are "absolute geniuses." The people who have been told from a young age that they're very smart and who have let it go to their heads, who believe that the moment they leave high school for university, the world will be at their fingertips. That with their intelligence, all that the light touches shall be theirs.

That simply is not the case. For, while you and I might be very intelligent individuals, there is literally an ocean of other very intelligent individuals on this Earth. The human race is not full of morons; it's filled with very smart folk with a few morons here and there. As special and wonderful as you are, you can only bring so much to the table!

So, I say perfect yourself; hone your being (your mind, spirit, and body) and your abilities so that you might function to the very best of your capabilities. When you are the very best that you can be, and when you accept that fact, then you will be happy. Perhaps you will achieve something great, but it will not fall into your lap simply because you have a high IQ. It will come about through utilization of your intelligence, incredibly hard work, a will of absolute steel, and cooperation with other hard-working "geniuses." Best of luck! :)