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I agree with CommonOddity.

The overall product is great, but the lip syncing is completely off and the animation isn't "fluid." I can tell that it took an enormous amount of work for each scene, but that's just it. I can tell where the scene breaks were, and I can tell which parts took longer to animate because certain parts aren't as clean as others. There's some spots where there's straight up frame skips.

Art is great, concept is solid (although cliche), the keyframes are great but the animation itself needs work.

4/5 because it's a fantastic product that needs polishing.

Very reminiscent of early Adult Swim cartoons. ATHF, HArvey Birdman, Space Ghost etc. Verrrry nice.

I wish my dad had told me this :(

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Beautiful tribute to classic handheld zelda. Took me right back to the oracles/seasons games.

I was having a lot of fun, interesting game with beautiful music and lots of mechanics,


After dying the first time I was taken back to a statue in the first town and the framerate immediately slowed to nearly 1fps. Awesome game, but a game breaking bug.

Wowie Zowie.

Great sound design, great controls, unique and fun concept that's executed perfectly, interesting level design, perfectly executed 8 bit "feel."

I could go on and on. Wonderful game, looking forward to your future projects.

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Sounds like i'm listening to freeform jazz while candyflipping.

Very weird track, but well made. Don't know if i would listen to this on my commute to work, but as an experimental piece it was executed very well.

Damn man that build up is beautiful. I usually don't dig electronic music all that much but this is such a pleasant, fancy track. The mixing and production on this track is inventive while still remaining accessible, from the reversed piano chords with some chorus and reverb on there to start it off to the nasty lil drum line that holds everything together. Overall though the piano chords shine through as the standout of this track. That shit's extremely funky.

Reminds me a lot of Jazz house. Really nice stuff here. My only complaint is that it's only 2:20 in length.

Right when i think i'm getting good at mixing and producing you gotta come and post this dank ass track.

Why you gotta do me like that? Why you gotta post this fire, cinematic, ambient, gorgeous track and spit in my face like this?

I'm mad.

MechanicalTree responds:

Haha thanks man, appreciate your upset in this instance :') I'll have a listen to your stuff

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Neat! Simple concept executed tastefully and very beautifully.

I love Cyanide & Happiness, but honestly I found your newgrounds page completely by accident:P and also


World's End?

I wanna dance :)

Kuroneko-san responds:

Then XD
*pulls your hand* >:'3

I compose, perform, mix and master music and make beats. I play guitar, bass, violin, piano, cuatro, and ukulele. I also have connections with other working creatives. Send me a dm if you wanna collab or just say wuddup



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