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I compose, perform, mix and master music and make beats. I play guitar, bass, violin, piano, cuatro, and ukulele. I also have connections with other working creatives. Send me a dm if you wanna collab or just say wuddup



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Posted by Acoustatic - July 26th, 2021

Howdy pardner 🤠


Posted by Acoustatic - July 4th, 2016

W'hiskey River, Take My Mind, Don't let her memory torture me." -Willie Nelson

Well for a drunk cowboy willie sure had the right idea!

Drink the foul memories out. Drink until they flow down the stream of whiskey and liquor and all the women and memories and family troubles and etcetera are flushed down the drain.

All that remains are those other high levels, that happen just occasionally. You don't know when ack they're gonna come, but when they come you best be ready. It may cause anxiety. Those other high levels may come when you're away from a computer or an instrument or a midi keyboard hooked up to your favorite daw (the latter being the most common).

But sometimes that high level might just come while you're in the middle of class. It might just come while you're at work. It might just come while you're in the middle of making love to a woman of your choice. But when those high levels come, oh lord,


You just gotta do it. 


When the moment strikes, it fucking strikes, and you can either do something about it or lay back and let it pass through your mind and into anothers, and let it cease to be your own idea and allow it to seep into the mind of another.

Who do you have to blame? Just you. You were too busy paying attention in class or doing your shitty job to run to the piano and record the moment at hand. You were too busy planning ahead for life and neglected life itself when it happened. Now you're gonna hear the motif you made in your mind in that beautiful moment on the radio for the next six months. If only you'd done it. If only you'd embraced that beautiful sliver of thought in its entirity when it slivered into your mind. You'd be a millionaire, you'd be happy, you'd be a man that took advantage of the moment the very second that it came and milked it for everything it's worth.


You'd be the guy that skipped class, and i'm sorry Teach but i had to do it, the moment was calling me. Fuck a critical lecture life is sucking my dick and begging me to cum inside her, I'm not gonna turn it down for a lecture on the spectrum of background noise in film.


I love you, good night I'll be here all week as long as I don't die god i hope i don't die life and music are so wonderful


Posted by Acoustatic - October 21st, 2015

I haven't made a blog post to my newgrounds page in years, and there's a reason I'm making one now.

Cus I'm still gettin lit, still doin shit, Hangin with nasty hoes, no celibate.

But the litness doesn't necessarily come from the obscene amounts of marijuana smoke, or the cups filled with a particularly tasty drank, or even the beautiful women that are sometimes a part of my life.

The litness comes from the fact that I've grown as a human being and a musician over the last year+ more than I ever thought possible. I failed out of college, took some time, got back into college, and am now studying what I love more than anything (music!). I met numerous women, some of which I was involved with romantically, I've done a lot of drugs, made a lot of music, and progressed academically. I've done what we all oughta do.

I've started actually enjoying life.

Take a second. Were you happy when you woke up this morning? Not like "hell yeah it's pay day" or "I'm gonna have sex today" happy, but like "I'm floating on a giant ball of organic matter through the infinite void of blackness, I acknowledge that eventually all my actions and accomplishments will be dust, but I still can't get this goddamn smile off my face" happy. If yes, or no, or even a hesitant "yeah I guess", peep this joint, ya busta;

Do what you love to do. Not what you like or are ok with doing. Do what literally gives you a rock hard erection (even if you're a young/old woman) just from thinking about it. And the boner's not even because you're excited sexually. It's because when you think about this thing, it makes you so filled with euphoria and ecstasy that it breaks the synapses in your brain and redirects all the circuits that should be directed to eating and finding shelter and shit to doing that thing immediately, and your body can't help but get a giant, sick nasty, veiny, grotesque, misshapen, fantastic, full-fledged case of penile rigamortis.

I'm doin it and I feel pretty good. I smoke cannabis every day to help with my anxiety and insomnia and sobriety, and I make and study music and music production because that's what gives me an existential hard on.

So get out there. In the immortal words of Shila buff (or however it's spelled), "Put on your Sunday best and accomplish your goals."

Peace throughout your lease, in this luxury foreign vehicle we call life.

- The one and only (whisper this part in your head and draw out the "oh" sound at the end) Heborrow

Posted by Acoustatic - November 20th, 2012

How smart you are! Truly, your wisdom knows no bounds and your potential is absolutely limitless. You scored all A's through grade school and you're doing well in High School, you say? Incredible! You are such a bright star and a beautiful mind. Surely, someday soon you are going to change the world with all of that potential that you have locked away in your mind. You are so special and brilliant, you really are the smartest person in your grade, maybe even the whole school! You already understand physics, andpsychology?! And you scored in the top %90+ on your SATs!?!?!?!? Look out Microsoft, we've got a fresh new face that's just itching to leave his or her mark on the human race and change history forever!

Go ahead! Head on outside! Change the world! After all, with potential like yours fame is only a few moments away. Go ahead, I assure you; just stand outside in your nicest suit, spread your arms open wide, and soon enough you will be carried away by your various adoring fans/lovers and they will take you to a world where your genius can be truly appreciated. How smart you are!


No, no...actually don't do any of that. Go outside and dance. Learn how to do handstands and somersaults, maybe cartwheels, and do them whenever you have the chance. Exercise often, eat a healthy diet, study a wide variety of topics, keep good company, and work hard. Then you will be happy. Happiness will not come to you if you sit and bask in your own splendor and grandeur. Failure and sadness will come to you. Do not live for fame or glory, live for life. And live well, at that.

Posted by Acoustatic - June 22nd, 2012

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaah. The time feels right for yet another News update. Now, some of you may be asking yourselves; Acoustatic, just what have you been up to since the last news post was made?

And the answer is; a great deal! $999 for a brand new chevy! 3 burgers for $1! Moneymoenymonet! All excellent deals, but just wait until you hear this one;

I started playing my cuatro more (expect some uploads), I've fallen in love, I've fallen out of love, I've fallen in love, I've fallen on my face, I've gotten a haircut, I've started writing! Yes! Novels! Poems! Lyrics! Plays! Short Stories! It's all going down tonight, en la Arena de Nuevatierras!
-Sabado Gigante! Jose, diles que han ganado!
-Seguramante! They've won another paragraph!

Maybe I'll even get published! God knows what would happen if the dark ramblings that incessantly fester deep in the cracks and nuances of my mind were to reach the public! In fact, I cannot even continue these many sentences, these many faces and tongues and this dead arithmetic of language must cease. At last, peace for these unwavering fingers, these restless phalangelical (of or relating to the phalanges, esp. in a reverent or sacred manner) beasts which have so tirelessly obeyed my every whim. Peace...for now...peace.


Posted by Acoustatic - January 4th, 2012

You read that right! Strap your mothers down fellas, Acoustatic is back in the business of recording musical works! A profession most foul! Disgusting! As a matter of fact I'm only doing this because they fired me at the sewage plant where I was payed to swim in raw human waste in order to provide the workers with cheap entertainment! Timbre? More like it all sounds like shit am I right!

But in all seriousness.

I've returned. Prepare your eardrums, your children, your wives, for a funkarrific psychedelia the likes of which would make Jimi Hendrix, Pink Floyd, and the Flaming Lips all beg for relief from this overwhelmingly groovy trip. Sound unpleasant? You've no idea what awaits you in these sound files, what compound of Funky Jazzy Bluesy Rock I've concocted up in my laboratory...Hip-Hop and Indian music can come too...maybe Latin.

Enjoy! Expect many new songs to brighten up your day in the nearby future! And hey, remember to smile, because you're a winner!

Here's a picture of an evil hamster plotting his revenge.

Hide your women and children!

Posted by Acoustatic - July 23rd, 2011

First inter-universe traveller award goes to you? If you hurry then just maybe!
Well it has been too long since my last update. How long is too long? Long enough for me to have written some new music and gone on vacation. That's how wide. I mean depth. I mean long. Shit see it's been so long my ability to perceive space-time has begun to waver. Next i'll be a 2-dimensional splatter floating through mid-17th century Paris asking if i can get to a computer to upload something to Newgrounds to return to the 21st century...BUT, enough of this insomnia-induced acid-trip non-sense, time to get to why we're all here.

I will be posting a new song in 2 days.

Are you ready? Yeah well you've got time. Two days :)
Keeping up with the trend of random photo-graphical images,here is the carved signature of an apparent Mr. Fatoop at the Colosseum in Rome. Enjoy it. Live it. Be amazed. Be aroused. Be a good guy or gal and give me some high scores/ratings/I love you, sweet dreams.

There's a parallel universe accessible through a wormhole in the beehive outside.

Posted by Acoustatic - June 11th, 2011


Evenin' folks. Got quite the treat for ya. MY SOUNDCLOUD! :D Don't know what Soundcloud is? get with it homie! It's a lovely website from and on which you can download, upload, and stream music, all in a sexy modern package! Quite terrific, yes? Oui.

I'll be posting covers of songs and such and other little wonders that I could never post here on Newgrounds.
what? Well here's the link. Cheers :)


As well as that, here's a nice young puppy.


Posted by Acoustatic - January 20th, 2011

So...new music in not too long! :D Here's some info/ what to expect;

- I love music
- I play violin, guitar (acoustic/electric), I somewhat play piano, and if all goes well in a little while I'll have a lute, ukulele, surbahar or sitar, and maybe an accordion.
- With my current computer I can't put my music through filters or use effects, and I don't know much about producing (tips and such appreciated). So expect acoustic songs for now.
- I love breaking boundaries with my music, and am currently studying musical theory and musical forms from all over the world.
- I absolutely LOVE COLLABS so feel free to pm me, whether you want to co-write music or see what I can do with a flash overture.
- Also, feel free to message me about any great music you like or think i'd be interested in. The more inspiration, the more music I put out. :)

That's mostly it, new posts will come with new music :) peace