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I love making, listening to, and studying music. At any given time it's likely what I'm doing. Either that or skateboarding/learni ng new things.

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Still gettin lit

Posted by Acoustatic - October 21st, 2015

I haven't made a blog post to my newgrounds page in years, and there's a reason I'm making one now.

Cus I'm still gettin lit, still doin shit, Hangin with nasty hoes, no celibate.

But the litness doesn't necessarily come from the obscene amounts of marijuana smoke, or the cups filled with a particularly tasty drank, or even the beautiful women that are sometimes a part of my life.

The litness comes from the fact that I've grown as a human being and a musician over the last year+ more than I ever thought possible. I failed out of college, took some time, got back into college, and am now studying what I love more than anything (music!). I met numerous women, some of which I was involved with romantically, I've done a lot of drugs, made a lot of music, and progressed academically. I've done what we all oughta do.

I've started actually enjoying life.

Take a second. Were you happy when you woke up this morning? Not like "hell yeah it's pay day" or "I'm gonna have sex today" happy, but like "I'm floating on a giant ball of organic matter through the infinite void of blackness, I acknowledge that eventually all my actions and accomplishments will be dust, but I still can't get this goddamn smile off my face" happy. If yes, or no, or even a hesitant "yeah I guess", peep this joint, ya busta;

Do what you love to do. Not what you like or are ok with doing. Do what literally gives you a rock hard erection (even if you're a young/old woman) just from thinking about it. And the boner's not even because you're excited sexually. It's because when you think about this thing, it makes you so filled with euphoria and ecstasy that it breaks the synapses in your brain and redirects all the circuits that should be directed to eating and finding shelter and shit to doing that thing immediately, and your body can't help but get a giant, sick nasty, veiny, grotesque, misshapen, fantastic, full-fledged case of penile rigamortis.

I'm doin it and I feel pretty good. I smoke cannabis every day to help with my anxiety and insomnia and sobriety, and I make and study music and music production because that's what gives me an existential hard on.

So get out there. In the immortal words of Shila buff (or however it's spelled), "Put on your Sunday best and accomplish your goals."

Peace throughout your lease, in this luxury foreign vehicle we call life.

- The one and only (whisper this part in your head and draw out the "oh" sound at the end) Heborrow

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Choice words. I need to get the ball rolling on my Audio Engineering degree. I'm glad to see my fellow compatriots are licking shots and taking names!

Hell yes man, just sign up for a class or two at a community college if you're short on time. I've learned sooo damn much in the past year and it's helped me as a musician and an engineer/beat maker.